Stelios Mavrogiannis is the Artist For Sale.

Whatever your needs for promotion are,

logos , business cards , cd covers , book covers, posters , video clips, I’m your guy.

Contact me and I will satisfy your every need. Me so artsy.

About me

Stelios Mavrogiannis

Stelios Mavrogiannis is a 30 year old artist from Greece.

His artistic spectrum consists of graphic design (print – web), photography, music and filmography (director – cinematographer – editor)

He studied graphic and web design in “Intergraphics” private school, where he graduated with perfect grades and a scholarship for photography classes. Later on he practiced the art of filmmaking and editing.

At the age of 19, before he even got his degree, the school offered him position in various marketing companies and advertising agencies as a junior graphic designer to put him to the test. He succeeded and after his graduation, he became a strong member of the GASA Alternative Communications graphic design department, implementing himself some of the major projects for Nestle, Smirnoff and Michelin. After working there for 1 year, he got an offer from the ‘Smudge Print’ company, where he could work on his filmmaking skills as well.

It only took 1 more year, before he was offered a position in one of the biggest news portals in Greece, He worked there for 6 years as a graphic and web designer, director of various online shows and as a director for the News which was broadcasted daily. He resigned, in order to pursue his dream to become a stand-alone director who will try to make pure art out of anything.

Now he has a collaboration with Avaton Theatre and Theatre 104, he is the Art Director of and He also has his own personal studio with cameras, lights and everything else a one-man orchestra needs.

The dream is still alive.